Here are the most asked questions about View Finder Community. If you cannot find the answer to your question below please just email the administrator for help.

How do I reset my password?

On your personal page, click on 'change password' in the 'My profile' box on the right hand side of the page. Then at the bottom of this screen you can type in your new password in the 'New Password' field. Enter it again in the 'Confirm Password' field. Click on 'Update Password' that’s it all done.’

How do I keep my password secure?

Don't reveal a password over the phone to ANYONE. Don't send a password in an email message. Don't talk about a password in front of others. Don't hint at the format of a password (e.g., "my family name") Don't share a password with family members. Don't use the "Remember Password" feature of web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.). Don’t write passwords down – if you have to write them down, store them somewhere securely. Don't store passwords in a file on ANY computer system without encryption. We recommend you change your password every 3 months.

How do I pick a secure password?

Don’t use easy to guess words or phrases such as ‘password’, ‘secret’ or ‘letmein’. Don’t use the name of this site e.g. ‘[FlexMR on behalf of DC Thomson]’. Don’t use easy to guess sequences of letters or numbers such as ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’ or ‘abcdefg’. Don’t use readily available personal information such as your name, names of members of your family, birthdays or phone numbers. Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long. The longer your password, the more secure it is! Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters (our password system is case sensitive). Consider using punctuation marks and numbers as well as letters in your password. Consider using a pass phrase e.g. ‘yummycakeslowestprices’ (but don’t use this particular example!).